Adam Kolozetti


I am a dreamer.  I believe that the greatest things come from looking at the world with a sense of wonder.  Thus it's no surprise that I love all things sci-fi and fantasy and am so proud of my home library.  In fact, my love of Star Trek and a knack for mathematics led me to a Masters Degree in Aerospace Engineering and a Private Pilot's License.  This in turn gave me an opportunity to collaborate with great people in the Defense, Oil and Gas and Construction industries. I've been called Integration Engineer, Project Manager, Construction Manager and now Co-founder, all of which has culminated in the understanding that collaboration and the human condition are my passion and my calling.

I am supported at home by my loving wife Misty, my three monsters Evylyn, Teigan and Quinn, and my crazy dog Nova.  To balance all this, I love my hobbies which include Muay Thai, Tai Chi and Ballroom Dancing.

Feeds My Mind: Science Fiction/Fantasy and Tai Chi

Feeds My Body: Muay Thai

Feeds My Soul: Family time, Laughter and Ballroom Dancing

Katelyn Bullock (Smith)


With over a decade of experience, I am proud to have been part of developing the secret recipe for implementing relatable and culturally aligned custom solutions for our clients.  It gives me great pleasure to see companies skyrocket to success, knowing I helped them along that journey.  As a professional engineer, design is in my blood, but I focus this skill in the design of functional and integrated management systems. 

Sitting on the board of directors for the not for profit, WomenIN, gives me the opportunity to shape the future towards equal opportunity and connect with amazing people.   I am a proud wife and mother of two wonderful children; both roles which have made me a better businesswoman in countless ways.  I balance my business and family life with gardening and painting and am a published children’s author.

Feeds my Mind: Audio Books 

Feeds my Body: Rock Climbing

Feeds my Soul: Board Games with Family and Friends, Painting and Gardening

Our Culture

It is with COURAGE that we drive INNOVATION
CANDOR we build TRUST and with PASSION we make a difference.

Giving a Presentation
Successful Work Team
Team Discussion

The Resolve

Connect people to their business.

The Intent

To cultivate the greatest potential in others.

The Dream

The whole is actually greater than the sum of its parts.