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Process can be fun!

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

We all know by now that collaboration is the key to success. The trick of it is scalability...the larger the group the more complex the requirements, motivations, personalities and so forth.

Thus enter processes. Standardized way of doing things that aligns people and points them in the right direction. But if process is so great then why does it make most people groan?

Just like the muppets below, processes are often accompanied by manuals and documentation that is long, cumbersome and not very relatable, even if very well thought out.

So why not mix it up? More pictures! Diagrams, videos. Fit for purpose means less is more. The real magic trick is keeping the original intent in mind all the way through implementation. The reason for process is to align people. Lots of words don't do that. Ideas do that. Vision does that. Know your people and speak to them they way they want to hear and you will succeed.

Anyone out there have a good example of this done well and not so well?

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