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Together In Isolation

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

We can only guess at the potential impact the COVID-19 will have on our business. It is scary enough taking the risk to create a start up let alone sustain through the recent recession in Alberta only to dive head long into the COVID crisis. But like in any global crisis, we can assume it will drive significant changes for people and businesses alike. We would be lying if we said there wasn't any fear. Fear for our business, our clients and all our family and friends. As founding partners we have been discussing the possible impacts and brainstorming ways to navigate this difficult time while supporting our young families. The one concept that keeps coming up for us is ‘Karmic Business’. That idea that if you connect people and help people in need without charging fees, nickel and diming every hour, task etc. that profitable business opportunities will eventually come to you. If there will be significant changes from the outfall of this crisis then we want to do something to change the world for the better. We know we wont be the only business to suffer during this period of isolation but perhaps we can do something to make it just a little less painful. So, with an ‘Act of Kindness’ we would like to provide a ‘Virtual Consulting’ experience to a small/medium sized company for FREE and all we ask is that somehow, one day, you ‘Pay it Forward’. We may be in isolation but we are ‘Together In Isolation’. Comment below if you are interested and we will reach out. Or feel free to share this post and join us in our Karmic Business adventure by offering your help.

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