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Know Yourself

Defining your business values, is it just a bunch of fluff?

On a company’s website, posted in their office, covering their marketing material… the values are often smeared everywhere. It’s not just a simple matter of “this is what we do” but companies go through extensive effort to define their:

· Mission

· Vision

· Values

And that may be where the effort ends. However, if properly used these are a powerful foundation to building your business. Ever ask someone what they do, and they respond with I am in IT? When they are not part of an IT company but a support service to a larger cause. What if everyone in your company knew the mission and how their daily contribution helps to achieve the vision? What if everyone in your company knew the vision and set their task and objectives to help get there? And what if, everyone’s personal values matched the company’s so that when they made critical decisions you could rest assure it was in the best interest of the company.

When you have well established mission, vision and values you can define your business processes to build on this foundation, hire people that believe in your company and reach your vision faster than you thought possible. So, business owner, do you know yourself?

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