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The Feedback Problem

Thriving Virtually Presents - The Feedback Problem

With communicating from within the same room out of the picture it is more important than ever that we be extra clear over video. A good example of how that can get tricky is with feedback. Based on "Thanks for the Feedback" by Douglas Stone and Sheila Heen, I summarized some really great points about triggers.

They ask the question, why do we spend so much time teaching about how to GIVE good feedback and not how to RECEIVE good feedback?

Types of triggers include:

Truth -> untrue statements

Relationship -> is there a trust level that exists that warrants that level of feedback?

Identity -> does the feedback hit your blind spot? Does it cause you to re-evaluate who you are?

Once you understand triggers, you can begin to think about types of feedback. These include:




The tricky part is when there's a misalignment in expectations between the giver and receive about which type and when. Tricky business!

I've summarized in video below:

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