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Thriving Virtually presents – How I’m Thriving during DOUBLE SECRET PROBATION!

It’s not yet the beginning of the end of this crisis, but it’s the end of the beginning. The shock is over, and now it’s time to pick up and move forward. Many companies have adapted already and are thriving in a virtual environment. My company and my network are one of those.

How have we done it? It’s simple, and it’s cliché. WE ARE BETTER TOGETHER.

We’ve built trust – when times are good it’s easy to ignore your corporate culture. The softball games, the hockey pools, the birthday cakes. But that’s when trust is built, because when times are tough, that foundation needs to ALREADY BE IN PLACE so you can rally, adapt and move forward.

With trust comes the ability to lean into each other - Your work family is a critical part of your life. When the people you work with can ENERGIZE you to think creatively, and to be positive, that’s where the magic happens.

When you lean in, the whole becomes GREATER than the sum of its parts – nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come, and no idea is more powerful than one created by a TEAM.

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